Is a manufacturer of high-end firearms components and accessories. They consistently lead the industry through in-depth research, innovative development, and by using the best materials available.

They believe that a firearm is not a toy, gadget, or novelty item. It is a thing of intrinsic value that is meant to be used and passed down for other generations to use.

Many manufacturers in the industry have shifted away from traditional manufacturing methods into more ‘cost-effective’ manufacturing. They believe this not only detracts from the quality of the firearm, but also from the quality of the experience.

They believe things (whether gun, car, or house) should be built to last. They are against the ‘throwaway culture’ that promotes quick product turnover, plans obsolescence, and manufactures cheap temporary products. They choose to design and manufacture products of the highest quality, using well-kept machines and the best materials they can find.

Quality never goes out of style.


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