Recon Scout
Counter-terrorism surveillance, narcotics raids, hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, explosives. Each day your people are prepared to confront dangerous environments harbouring a multitude of unknown risks. And although they train continuously to minimize those risks and react to unexpected threats, they put their lives on the line each time they enter those environments. If only they knew more about those risks before they go through that door, into that building or around that next corner.

Now they can.

The Recon Scout™ robot lets them know precisely what they’re up against. It provides valuable tactical intelligence that saves lives and reduces damage to property. Small, rugged, stealthy and powerful, the Recon Scout is your man on the inside. Throw it through a window or over a wall, then remotely manoeuvre it using the portable operator control unit. You’ll get immediate real-time video that will let you plan and act with confidence.

Know Before You Go™

Before you send in your team, send in your Recon Scout

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