Why choose between a red dot or telescopic sight when you can have both in the blink of an eye?

The SpecterDR™ dual fields-of-view (DFOV) sight provides both close quarter and precision fire ranged capability in a single package.

Whether utilizing the red dot in 1x or 1.5x magnification or the ranging reticule in 4x or 6x mode, the SpecterDR™ DFOV sight provides ultra-wide viewing angles for optimal situational awareness and unmatched low-light performance. The SpecterDR™ DFOV sight allows the user to safely and effectively transition in and out of building
for close quarter or extended range without changing sights

Raytheon ELCAN is proud of its reputation as a one-stop solution provider to defense and homeland security customers.  Raytheon ELCAN is also able to design and manufacture custom rifle sights and “next-generation” firecontrol systems for our military and commercial customers.

Hundreds of thousands of optical sights by ELCAN are deployed with elite fighting forces around the world as their standard issue sight for small arms.

Selected by USSOCOM for elite SpecOps mission, the SpecterDR™ dual role rifle sigh by ELCAN is reliable, amazingly bright and deadly accurate.

Whether the mission calls for clearing a building or open-terrain patrol, SpecterDR™ gives you both fast acquisition and long-range target identification.

The unique locking lever mechanism brings you accurately back on target every time. The remarkably bright, clear ELCAN optics extend your daylight operations. Why risk yourself and the mission with red dot or fixed telescopic sights that do only half the job? Carry the one and only combat sight that switches between CQB and precision ranged fire mode - in the blink of an eye.



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